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The Ultimate New Nurse Starter Kit


September 18, 2023

Starting out as a new nurse is like embarking on an exciting adventure, but it can also be overwhelming. But there’s one part of the journey I can help simplify for you – gathering your nursing gear must-haves to get started. 

To help with the anxiety, I’m going to share a few of my favorite essentials. After eight years of nursing, I still use all five of these items because they’re that important.

Nurse Gear for Your Starter Kit – 5 Essentials

All of the nursing gear must-haves packed in this kit are super helpful for a new nurse. They’ll make the start of your career so much easier while you’re busy absorbing all the new knowledge from your preceptor.

1. Watch with a Second Hand

If there’s one thing that’s extremely important for nurses it’s time management. When you’re a new nurse, you’re still learning how to manage your time effectively so quality patient care is maintained. That’s where a quality watch with a second hand comes in. 

Measuring vital signs and timing medications are two tasks a watch will definitely help with! A simple wristwatch will also significantly increase your time management skills and help you feel more on top of things. Always knowing what time it is and how much time you have left for certain tasks is a game changer. 

Citizen Watch

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2. Notebook

The next product that must be in a new nurse starter kit is a spiral notebook! There are so many things to remember as a new nurse, so taking notes is an absolute MUST. 

You will also need a notebook to create to-do lists for yourself. I treat my notebook like my holy grail and would probably panic if I lost mine! 

3. Comfortable Shoes

Next, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite items – shoes! Comfortable shoes are such a must for nurses. The good news is, you can blend comfort and style.

I have tried so many different types of sneakers, and nothing compares to adidas Ultraboost. They’re extremely comfortable and come in a variety of styles. I highly recommend grabbing a pair before you’re busy and on your feet all day.

4. ID Badge Holder

Nurses need to wear ID badges so patients and other employees know who they are. But ID badge holders aren’t just a necessity, they can be a “feel good” item that helps bring a little personality to your work wardrobe. Depending on which specialty you work in, you can find an ID badge that fits your role! 

Etsy has some wonderful ID badge holders and reels. You can get them personalized, or even pick up something based on the specialty you work in. Work on a cardiac floor? There are dozens of badge holders with hearts and EKG rhythms on them. If you work in labor and delivery, Etsy sellers have that covered, too.

5. Highlighters

Make things in your notebook pop with some good ol’ highlighters! Organization is extremely important in nursing. As a new nurse, you want to build that skill from the beginning. Highlighters help a ton with prioritization and color coding.

These simple tools can help with patient safety and reduce medical errors. Highlighting critical information like allergies or abnormal lab results will help ensure they’re not overlooked.

Nurse Gear Makes a Difference

Starting a nursing career can be daunting, but having all your essentials in one place will help you feel more prepared. Having the right gear for nurses can be a confidence booster! You can literally create a little kit and leave it somewhere convenient so it’s ready to grab as soon as you wake up to get ready for your shift.

In a nutshell, nurse starter kits are about practicality. They make nurses’ jobs easier, keep patients safe, and support new nurses as they begin their careers.

Pooja Patel is a registered nurse of eight years with a master’s degree in nursing leadership. Her primary specialty is in women’s health. She has worked as a labor and delivery nurse, fertility nurse, and now a fertility nurse manager. She has also worked in corporate insurance and ambulatory care. Pooja started her wellness and lifestyle blog, Nurse Bestie, to help overwhelmed nurses conquer their stress and learn how to live a happy and healthy life. She’s passionate about being healthy and sharing all of its life-changing benefits for busy nurses.