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10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your MilSpouse


May 1, 2023

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is Friday, May 5, 2023. Are you prepared to step up and thank your milspouse for their support?

Being a milspouse is no walk in the park, with the PCS moves, TDYs, and deployments. They stand strong on the homefront, juggling responsibilities like a seasoned drill sergeant. So today we’re sharing 10 thoughtful ways to say “thank you” and make your spouse feel like the rockstar they are. Hooah!

When Is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of military spouses to their families and to thank them for everything they do. First observed in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan, Military Spouse Appreciation Day is held in May on the Friday before Mother’s Day.

10 Ways to Thank Your Military Spouse

Here are 10 ways to say thanks to your military spouse, including some products and services with military discounts to save you money!

1. Plan a Surprise Date Night

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is always held on a Friday, which makes a special date night a perfect way to say thank you! Take your spouse out for dinner and a show (or something more adventurous) or spend some quality time together at home, just the two of you.

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2. Organize a Weekend Getaway

Why stop at just a night? Take the whole weekend to say thanks by planning a great getaway. It can be as simple as a night or two in a cute town up the road or an all-out weekend extravaganza in Vegas! As long as the two of you are spending time together, it’s a win.

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3. Give Some Well-Deserved Time Off

Spending time together is a great way to say thanks. But spending time apart can be a great gift, too! Give your spouse the morning, evening, day, or even all weekend off, and let them know you’ll hold down the fort at home. Up the ante by arranging something you know they love, like a day at the spa or a round of golf with friends.  

4. Say “Thank You” with Something Luxurious

A special gift, like a stunning piece of jewelry or a beautiful watch, is another way to say thank you. It’s not just a nice thing for your spouse to wear, but a tangible reminder of your love and gratitude.

5. Create a Personalized Care Package

Putting together a package of items you know your spouse loves is a great way to say thanks, especially if you’re temporarily apart. Use a theme if it helps; for example, a “Relax” care package might have some tea, a book, a face mask, and some chocolates. A great pre-made gift basket is another option, if you’re not able to put something together yourself.

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6. Gift a Surprise Subscription Box

Why give one box of treats when you could give several? Today’s subscription boxes have evolved way beyond the fruit-of-the-month clubs of yore. Now you can find quarterly and monthly subscription boxes catering to all kinds of interests and tastes like beauty and makeup, comic books, reading, baking, fashion, outdoors, and pretty much anything else – even fishing tackle!

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7. Tackle an Unpleasant To-Do Item 

Is there something lingering on your To-Do list that your spouse has asked you to do multiple times but it’s just not getting done? Well, get it done! Fix something, replace something, take the car in for servicing, drop the clothes at the dry cleaner – whatever it is, finally tackling the dreaded task shows you listen and you care about what’s important to your partner. It’s an unconventional but much-appreciated way to say thank you. 

8. Arrange Some Help

With all your spouse does, surely there are places where extra help would come in handy. So say thank you by arranging an in-person or delivery service to make their life easier. For example, get a landscaping service or a neighborhood kid to tend to the yard once a week, arrange a cleaning service to come deep clean once a month, or sign up for a meal kit delivery service to make meal planning and prepping easier.

9. Show Your Love with Photos

Photos are a great way to remember and celebrate your love and life together. Put together a photo album with photos spanning your relationship or print out one meaningful photo and have it framed as a special way to say thanks.


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10. Write a Heartfelt Note

It doesn’t cost any money, and it’s not flashy in the least, but a letter or card written from the heart may become your spouse’s most treasured gift of all. Don’t overthink it; there’s no need to write in flowery language or make grand pronouncements. Just think about the things you appreciate about your spouse – everything they do to support you, to keep the household running, and to make family life joyful – and put those things down on paper. Not a writer? Record a video message on your phone with the same sentiments and send it.