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How Vet Tix Helps Military Families Connect


July 11, 2023

Military life isn’t easy. Military families face unique challenges with frequent relocations and deployments that can disrupt their lives and relationships. Vet Tix, a 95% charity organization, understands the importance of family bonds and stability. That’s why they’re on a mission to support military families by providing free event tickets, which can create bonding opportunities that help reduce stress and build lifelong memories. By teaming up with concert venues, sports teams, and event organizers, Vet Tix offers military families a chance to have amazing experiences together during tough times.

Rebuilding Stability and Family Bonds

Studies have shown that family stability is crucial for the long-term mental health of children. But let’s face it—PCS moves can be a rollercoaster ride. They upend plans, create stress for everyone, and sometimes even mess with family income. It’s no surprise that sudden changes like these can have long-lasting consequences. 

When you’re trying to settle into a new home, time spent rebuilding stability and family bonds helps to create a safe and strong foundation. Spending quality time together is key. Whether it’s going to concerts, sporting events, or special outings, group activities help you strengthen family ties. But, let’s be real—moving can be expensive, and military families often face financial challenges.

Affordable Access to Events for Your Military Family

Vet Tix understands the value of military family time and they’re here to lighten the financial load. Vet Tix partners with sports teams, concert organizers, and event promoters to get free tickets for military families. You can sign up for free and request tickets to events that interest you. The best part? As an member, you already have the ability to quickly prove your military status when you register.

Vet Tix is all about honoring and supporting those who have served and sacrificed. Their core values — patriotism, support, recognition, quality of life, and family — guide their mission. By providing positive family experiences, Vet Tix shows their appreciation to service members and veterans. With millions of event tickets distributed over the years, Vet Tix has made a real difference in the lives of military families.