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How to Simplify Holiday Dinner with Meal Kits


December 14, 2022

Nearly nine in ten Americans find planning holiday meals stressful. And maybe that’s not surprising because only about a third of us cook daily. Could it be we’re just not as comfortable in the kitchen as we’d like to be?

If you’re not confident (or just out of practice) in the kitchen, cooking a high-pressure holiday meal can be nerve-wracking. Meal kits to the rescue! Starting with a boxed meal kit can lighten your holiday load so you can focus on the things that matter – enjoying time with your family and friends.

But hurry! You’ll need to order most meal kits at least one week before the holiday, and most have set delivery days.

How Can Boxed Meal Delivery Simplify Holiday Cooking?

If you’ve already tried a boxed meal kit, you know how easy they can make meal prep. But if you’re new to boxed meal delivery, let’s go over the advantages of meal kits.

  • Meal kits provide perfectly coordinated meals, with proteins and sides that pair well together and plate up beautifully.
  • Using boxed meal delivery means there’s no need to brave the grocery store – a valuable perk during the crowded holiday season. All you’ll need are staples like salt, pepper, and oil, plus some basic cooking utensils. The rest is shipped right to your door.
  • Recipe cards provide simple, step-by-step directions that anyone can follow. No trying to guess how to prepare something you’ve never made before. (Bonus: Meal kits can be an excellent way to improve your cooking skills!)
  • The kits are all proportioned for the number of people served. No need to buy a whole bottle of soy sauce or a bunch of fresh herbs just to cook one meal.

Given those advantages, it’s no surprise that many people love their meal kits year-round. During the holidays, meal kits can be valuable in additional ways:

Make yourself the potluck star! Whether you bring a dish to a book club, office, or family event, you may find what you need in most meal kit service standard plans. Vegetarian casseroles are especially helpful in these cases. A casserole meant to be a main dish for four can make an excellent side dish for a larger gathering.

Add some festivity to nights at home. Whether your kids are home from college, the grandkids are coming over, or it’s just you and your sweetheart on a Saturday night, a nourishing homemade meal can make the evening special.

Help with breakfast. Are you having a fun, old-fashioned family holiday with relatives staying overnight? Many meal kit plans offer delicious breakfast options that are perfect for entertaining guests with little fuss.

Create a big meal easily. If you’re preparing to entertain six to ten people in one setting, some boxed meal deliveries can help.

Are there Downsides to Using Meal Kits for the Holidays?

Meal kits are an excellent way to get cooking at home, but there are a couple of small drawbacks to be aware of. The good news is you can work around them!

Meal kits are subscription-based. We’ve already pointed out how using a meal kit can save you time and money, but what if you’re not ready to commit to a subscription? Fortunately, meal kit services allow you to easily skip deliveries, pause them for a while, or cancel if you find the service isn’t a fit for your lifestyle.

Most meal kit services aren’t ideal for larger gatherings. Some services, like Blue Apron, do provide larger holiday options. But if the service you chose doesn’t have a large holiday meal kit, there’s another tactic you can use – just order two or three of the same meals to increase the number of servings to eight or 12.

PRO TIP: Even if you’re not preparing a big holiday meal, meal kits can help you prepare the perfect potluck dish. Just order a casserole, stew, soup, or pasta dish that will all go into one serving container.

3 Holiday Meal Kits for 2022

For many of us, the key to a perfect holiday meal is a classic and comforting main dish, beautiful sides, and a decadent dessert.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron promotes itself as the “original American meal kit” and is devoted to high-quality, sustainably grown ingredients. Through December 2022, Blue Apron offers three holiday boxes serving at least eight people. Subscribers can get these meals, but they’re also available to nonsubscribers through the Blue Apron Market. Prices start at $11.99 per serving, but you’ll save through as a new subscriber!


Sunbasket is also committed to sustainable and healthy meals that reduce waste. Subscribers have many options that could work for small holiday meals. But subscribers can also add items in a mix-and-match arrangement to create a larger holiday menu. Serving sizes vary, so make sure you account for that. Meals start at $11.49 per serving, but you’ll get a special offer through

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

When Martha Stewart’s brand is involved, entertaining with style is always at the forefront. You’ll find options for Hanukkah hors d’oeuvres for eight, an enchilada dinner for Christmas week that would be perfect for family game night, and even a delectable French toast bake that would be perfect for a holiday breakfast. Need dessert? There are cookie-baking options and even a beautiful chocolate and caramel eggnog tart. Click the link to subscribe with your account for special savings.

More Meal Kit Delivery Services to Try

Options abound when it comes to meal delivery! Check out some of the fantastic offers from partners. You’ll be on your way to fresh, home-cooked meals for yourself, your family, and your guests in no time!