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New Year, New You!


December 23, 2022

Ah, the traditional new year’s resolution! Every year, many of us seize the opportunity to loudly declare our intent to make positive changes in our lives. We’re going to focus on fitness, eat better, sleep better … the list goes on.

The humble new year’s resolution dates back some 4,000 years! The ancient Babylonians were the first to record new year’s celebrations, and it’s likely they were also the first to make resolutions at the turning of the year. (True, for them, the year began in mid-March instead of January, but it’s whatever, right?)

Fun fact: Saving money was the most popular new year’s resolution in 2022. And members have plenty of help with that!

New Year, New You Discounts for 2023

Whether you’re making formal resolutions for 2023 or just vowing to treat yourself better in the coming year, we’ve got money-saving discounts from partners to get you on your way.